I Quit Coffee to Heal My Gut

My love for coffee started at a young age. I loved everything about it; the smell, the taste, the warm embrace. From dipping toast in coffee with Nonna to afternoon espressos with Zia and Mama. For me, coffee symbolized all things comfort. For me, coffee felt like home.

The coffee & gut connection

About two years into my healing journey, I was still dealing with gut issues and regular breakouts. I felt defeated and discouraged. So I did what most people do; I turned to Google. I found tons of articles linking coffee and leaky gut. Turns out I wasn't doing my sensitive gut any favours with my daily dose of comfort.

I was devastated. But, I was also over feeling like sh*t, so I immediately nixed my coffee habit.

Fast forward three months, my skin cleared up and my gut was less inflamed. Sure, I initially missed coffee, but not as much as I enjoy waking up to a happy gut and clear skin. Now that I've healed my gut, coffee doesn't negatively affect me the way it once did. If I feel like a cup of joe, I'll have one... but I rarely do!

Today, I sip on nourishing elixirs + green and herbal teas.

Here are some of my current favourites: